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13. Democratic Reform of the House of Commons

WHEREAS the House of Commons (HoC) is the national chamber for rational debate where the business of the country is both done and seen to be done, and it and its committees are not meant to be subsumed by the tyranny of the majority;

WHEREAS representatives are elected to the HoC with the expectation that the interests of their constituents will be given priority rather than the interests of a particular party or party leader or unelected office;

WHEREAS the committee structure is meant to support the work of the HoC and provide the opportunity to further study legislation and issues of national concern;

WHEREAS leaders of parties, including the Prime Minister, play a unique role in ensuring that the rules and traditions of the HoC are both observed and respected;

BE IT RESOLVED that the LPC is committed to reviewing and renewing the rules and practices of the HoC by ensuring:

• the elimination of omnibus legislation except in exceptional circumstances;
• that all votes except confidence matters be unwhipped;
• that the power of the Speaker to call members to account be enhanced;
• that the business of committees be in public except for exceptional circumstances;
• that the committee structure be revised to permit members to have greater input into committee work;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a weekly Prime Minister’s Question Period be established, where all elected members, as selected by the Speaker, may ask questions of the Prime Minister, or his or her designate, on any topic of interest.

Liberal Party of Canada (Saskatchewan)