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About supporter

Starting May 2, 2012, we’re inviting Canadians to sign up for free to become supporters.

Sign up and you could choose the next Liberal Leader.

Liberals stand for growth, hope and opportunity. We believe the 21st century can be Canada’s century – through a new kind of politics that inspires and engages Canadians to work together to solve our common challenges.

Over the past few years, it’s gotten harder to save for post-secondary education. Harder to pay for the basics like gas, groceries and electricity, let alone pay down debt.

How can Canadians create jobs and growth, and build a clean energy economy, when it’s harder than ever to make ends meet? These are the problems we’re going to solve, together.

As a Liberal supporter, you will lead this movement. You will bring strength in numbers. You will shape our values and our ideas. And, when confirmed as eligible, you will make our most important choice: who will represent us as Liberal Leader.