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Liberals will bring Canadians together and strengthen our society and democracy

Bringing Canadians Together

Today governments do many things, but Liberals believe the job of the Prime Minister really comes down to one thing – bringing Canadians together.

Liberal governments always focus on what Canadians have in common, and what we can accomplish as one country.

Divisive politics have made our country smaller.
It’s time for all of us to build bridges, renew our
democracy and strengthen our communities.

That kind of leadership is needed again. More than ever, we need to bridge the gaps that divide us, and welcome all contributions to the ongoing work of building stronger communities and a better country.

Canada is not a small or selfish country. It’s a bilingual country, with a multicultural and creative people, proud of their heritage, their communities, provinces, cities, and cultures. We draw strength from our diversity. We expect our leaders to reflect the best in us, and to build on it.

Canadians cherish equality – equality of individuals, of women and men, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, of North and South, rural and urban, and people with disabilities and their fellow citizens. Equality is the foundation of our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Where we find gaps between the ideal and practical reality, we work together to narrow them. We’re all in it together.

Our democratic institutions have served us well, and we expect our representatives to respect them. Canadian federalism has evolved with changing realities, and helped us reconcile valued identities with common purposes. While preserving what’s best in our institutions, we have to be open to change, so they continue to serve us well in a rapidly changing world.

Stronger, Safer Communities

Canadians take pride in their communities, whether they live in our largest cities, the growing suburbs, small towns, or rural areas.

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A Creative, Bilingual, Diverse, and More Equal Canada

Promoting Arts and Culture and Home-grown Content in a Digital Canada.
The cultural sector is a major part of the Canadian economy.

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Rural Canada Matters

Rural Canada puts food on tables and drives the resource wealth of our country. But too many Canadians are leaving rural communities because they can’t find jobs or access essential services like healthcare, internet, or education. A Liberal government will commit to narrowing the gap between rural and urban Canada starting with new measures in five major areas.

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Federalism in a Networked Era
and Public Service Excellence

A Liberal government will be unafraid to engage with all those who can contribute to solving a complex problem.

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Canadians Make the Rules:
Respecting and Renewing our Democracy

Canadian democracy is in poor health – not terminal, but declining. Voter turnout is at an all time low, especially among the youngest voters.

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