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Caring for loved ones when they get sick

A reliable health care system.

When a loved one gets sick, you want to be sure that you can count on Canada’s health care system.

Where is the federal leadership?

Conservatives believe the federal government should have no leadership role in addressing challenges facing our health care system.  For Conservatives, it is every province and every family for themselves.

Collaboration instead of competition.

Liberals are ready to work as partners with the provinces and territories to ensure a national standard of excellence in the delivery of health services. The Liberal Party of Canada will also keep fighting so that more can be done for mental health, caregivers, home and long term care.

Liberals stand for sustainable universal public health care.

Liberals believe strongly that all Canadians deserve the same level of high quality and timely health care provided by an efficient, accountable and sustainable public health system.


This statement is inspired by policy resolutions submitted and voted on by Party members.
2012 Resolution References: PEI-3, NS-10, NS-YLC-11, MB-28, AB-41, AB-45, BC-46, NWLC-58, Caucus-68, SK-NWLC-82, SLC-84, SLC-89, SLC-91

We’re building the Canada that lives up to its full potential

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