• Edgardo Consuegra posted an update 2 years, 9 months ago

    Government of Canada should incentive the new ideas in bussines. Now, the question is How? Public Sector and Corporates have to work together as a complement, so the PC government should make easier the promotion to the other countries of our goods and products. Canada as a one of the most progressive economy have to look the commerce like a really national interest. Canadian Companies should focus their production of good and services in the latin american countries. China represent a real menace for the stability at the Canadian economy. Everithing in bussines has a link.

    • I think that Canada is one of the economies with almost none of the industrial policies.

      We need to do more to encourage development, particularly with government financing.

      Think of Export Development Canada on steroids. That’s what Japanese, Germans and Chinese have. Particularly, compare it to Chinese state-owned banks, that practically have a mandate to lend money to businesses.