• Jen Fisher-Bradley posted an update 1 year, 11 months ago

    With paradigm shift we need thinkers who are willing to challenge status quo. That was PE Trudeau’s legacy. He caught that wave, opposed the war in Viet Nam and gave amnesty to draft dodgers. Wage and price control to manage inflation, a market reality at the time, and the energy program were not so popular but the Local Improvement Grants were good for people and communities. No one can be all things to all people but it is true people vote emotionally, from the gut.

    Last evening Justin was in Victoria promoting the decriminalizing and taxing of marijuana and his off the cuff approach to answering questions. If he can get his head around food and water security in a RAPIDLY changing climate he can be effective in the next election because that issue is only going to become more and more dire and more and more mainstream as time goes by.

    The US drought and the superstorm are bringing people to the discussion table. Justin, please tell us how Canadians will feed themselves in a RAPIDLY changing climate with diminishing EROI, energy return on investment? That is a debate worth having IMHO.

    • Well said Jen!

      I personally believe that the situation faced by the owners of 143,000 acres of farmland taken back from the Bay of Fundy by dikes has the potential to alter our view of climate change. In my part of Nova SCotia the difference between low tide and high tide is only about one meter. Along parts of the Bay of Fundy, it is over 15 meters. The Bay of Fundy has a funnelling effect on tidal waters which produces the highest tides in the world.

      I believe that Canada is in a position to cooperate with many nations on massive projects of desalination of ocean water in order to produce food and other crops in the deserts. This angle on climate change can alter the relationship that we have will all Middle Eastern nations.