• Marco Antonuzzo posted an update 2 years, 9 months ago


    Hello Sean,

    Recently PM Harper announced a plan to adopt the “Helmets to Hardhats” campaign from the US. The idea, as you know, offers veterans jobs filling shortages of skilled trade workers in Canada.

    I think as Liberals we understand this is just one of the many approaches that can be taken to help veterans find gainful employment upon their retirement.

    I was thinking that the Liberal Party should propose taking one step further. Work on a policy innitiative that allows retired military personel to choose the job, training, or education that they are interested in and give them priority for hiring in their field of choice.

    We owe these men and women the greatest debt of gratitude and I believe supporting them in pursuing a career of their own choosing is the least we can do.

    • That plan and approach, if you don’t mind me saying, might be too logical. Hey there Marco. You’ll probably remember me from our previous two meetings and introductions. Glad to chat with you here online.

      Finding gainful employment for #vets after deployment should not be our main focus. They need a break, plain and simple. No matter the strength and skill of our soldiers, taking them from a #war zone and placing them into an #environment of jackhammers and union direction will be not as helpful, in my opinion, as giving them a generous living-wage-bonus-type #grant and #pension to #calmly reintegrate into civilian #life here at home or abroad.

      What I’m trying to say is that muscle and commitment might not be synonymous with labour and work.

      • To all who are trying to find ways and ideas to help the heroes that sacrifice for our values and freedoms, I salute you.

        That said, we were beaten to the punch by the PC’s on this.

        There are many many great ideas on all issues from Liberals. We should show the country where the creativity and vision is by publishing as many as possible.

        If the PC’s steal the ideas, we know where there are more and then we’ll see if they can find any….

        We’ll have to work hard now to show the country that we are not the “Toke” party….