• Stilianos Kalatzis posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    #supporter #Senate reform.
    I am not sure if there are other members that feel the senate should be either abolished or an elected body.
    I am and have been a proud Liberal for many years and know senate reform is not on the Liberal agenda but I think it’s about time we look into this issue.
    I for one feel it’s an outdated requirement of a system and as tax payers we need to have a say in what’s going on with the senate.
    I would be interested in hearing others opinions on the issue.

    • I agree that the senate should be modernized. My preference would be for the senate to have equal representation from all provinces (say 10 each), plus one from each territory and maybe 4 seats for first nations (Metis and Inuit included). I would also suggest that it be the responsibility of the provincial governments to appoint their allocated members for say 10 year terms? This way it takes the power away from the PMO and gives it to the provinces. I believe this would make the senate much more of the sober second thought that was envisioned at confederation.