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Liberals will help families pull through their financial squeeze

Families, Finances and the Future

Getting public finances under control goes hand in hand with smart investments in middle-class families. Both will help build a stronger economy, and put equal opportunity back at the centre of Canadian life.

Middle-class families are the bedrock of Canada’s economy and our way of life. They come in all descriptions – large and small, “nuclear”, single-parent, blended, and of all cultural backgrounds.

Today, more families than ever are struggling with financial pressures. They’re often caring for their aging parents and their own children at the same time, putting older children through college or university while also struggling to save for retirement. The household debt of the average family is higher than ever before.

These pressures are compounded by worries over whether the health-care system will be there for them when they need it.

Canadians want a compassionate society and a strong economy. Since the jobs of tomorrow will require more skills and education, doesn’t it make sense to help middle-class families manage the spiralling costs of university and college? When more and more families have to care for aging parents or other loved ones at home, while still making financial ends meet, doesn’t it make sense to stand with them?

As our population ages, pressures on families will only increase. Families want to shoulder their responsibilities, but they shouldn’t have to do it alone.

In tough economic times, standing with families is the right thing to do, and the right priority for the long-term too.

On May 2nd you have a chance to shape Canada's future. Commit to vote for the Liberal Plan to Strengthen Families

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