Nom Ken Cunningham
Circonscription Northwest Territories
Intérêts politics, fiction, history, enjoying the geat outdoors and watching my beautiful child grow up.

Mon histoire

Hi i'm Ken, I live under my hat most of the year North of sixty in Hay River NWT. The rest of the year [summer months] i spend as much time with my family as i can sailing [gunkholing] the BC coast. Fact is the exploration of this amazing coast; its wildlife; its history and its peoples is my avocation, and its preservation my passion. Obviously i'm aware that a national political party must cast its net much further a field then this, but i intend to make it one of my principle focuses. I hope the LPC can find its feet again and do its part to make this happen and to develop its economy in a responsible and sustainable manner.[ think entrenchment of Mr Trudeau's groundbreaking decision to keep oil tankers off this coast.] My other principle interest is in seeing the FNs of this country claim their rightful place in the community we call Canada - and on their terms. I hope this will be possible through the agency of the LPC, which after all was the party who oversaw the entrenchment of Aboriginal rights in our constitution. Unfortunately the liberal party has fallen on hard times - partially i'm convinced because it has chosen to rest on its laurels for far too long. I hope i can do my part to make the liberal party a great institution once again, by moving forward and acting like a party that unapologetically seeks to bring about a just and progressive society for all. If this should seem too parochial and vague for some folks - in short i want to see the LPC become a brave and much more radical party; have i come to the wrong place?

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