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Getting smart on crime and cannabis

Conservatives have failed.

Liberals know the difference between being tough on crime and being smart on crime.

Stephen Harper keeps fighting a failed war on drugs that only benefits organized crime and increases gang activity. Harper is protecting their profits while failing to deal with the negative health and social impacts of drug-related crime in communities across Canada.

We need successful policies.

The billions spent have shown little results – and now as Harper spends more of your money on mega-prisons and plans to lock up marijuana users with hardened criminals, even U.S. Republicans are warning Canadians not to adopt failed American crime policies.

Liberals stand for an evidence-based crime policy.

The Liberal Party of Canada believes in a smart on crime approach, targeting real criminals instead of our youth, to keep our communities safe. Liberals understand the need to consider ending the prohibition of marijuana and addressing the root causes of crime to see real results.


This statement is inspired by policy resolutions submitted and voted on by Party members.
2012 Resolution References: PEI-4, YLC-BC-117

We’re building the Canada that lives up to its full potential

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