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Jobs, growth & balancing the budget

It’s your money.

But since coming to power, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have turned a $13-billion Liberal surplus into the biggest deficit in Canadian history. And this was before the global economic crunch.

Where is the accountability?

While many Canadians are out of work and have to tighten their belts, all we keep hearing from Harper’s gang are stories about fake lakes, $16 orange juice, and search and rescue helicopter rides. There are still way too many people who are left behind from the supposed economic recovery.

Liberals stand for true fiscal responsibility.

The Liberal Party of Canada believes in turning deficits into surpluses. Growing our economy. Creating good jobs across the country. During difficult economic times, only the Liberal Party of Canada has a proven track record of competent, accountable and successful economic management.


This statement is inspired by policy resolutions submitted and voted on by Party members.
2012 Resolution Reference: MB-31

We’re building the Canada that lives up to its full potential

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