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Liberal Legacy Giving

Legacy Gift donors are laying the foundation for future generations of Canadians. They are leaving a legacy that will grow the Liberal movement, promoting Liberal values across the country. Liberal Legacy Giving provides committed Liberals with the opportunity to leave the Party a donation in their Will.

There is no limit to the amount you are allowed to give a federal political party in your Will.  Liberal Legacy Giving is not restricted to dollar limits as is the case with regular annual contributions during your lifetime.

Here are 4 Great Reasons to let us know you have included a Legacy Gift to the Liberal Party of Canada in your Will.

If you have a Legacy Gift arranged for The Liberal Party of Canada, we encourage you to submit a Legacy Gift Confirmation Form today. Please rest assured that all submissions and inquiries are kept confidential.

For more information on how to make your own Legacy Gift, please contact:

Nadia Greco
Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm (ET)

I really want the Party to have the financial muscle it needs to tell Canadians who we are and to show them our commitment to a more liberal, united and proud Canada.

We are the people who see the nation state as the mechanism to assist every person reach his or her potential in life – and Canada was the envy of the world because of our vision!

We need to offer that vision again – and a Liberal Legacy Gift is a superb way to do it.



Rod Blaker
Longtime Liberal