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130,774 Liberals are registered to vote – and ready to make history

Posted by Mike Crawley on March 28, 2013 | No Comments

Some 130,774 Members and Supporters have registered for the 2013 LPC Leadership vote. On April 7 at 12:01am ET the voting will begin.

That makes this the biggest, most open Liberal Party of Canada leadership vote yet.

But depending on how many votes are cast, our race could also be the biggest, most open federal political party leadership vote in Canadian history.

We’ve said many times that participating in the 2013 LPC Leadership vote is as easy as 1-2-3. Sign up. Register. Vote.

Some 294,002 Canadians took the first step and signed up as Members and Supporters. And over half are completely new to the Liberal Party of Canada!

We’re also seeing unprecedented levels of Member and Supporter engagement by those who took the next step and registered, and who will go on to vote, pending final candidate scrutiny of the registration list.

Three quarters of all LPC Members registered, meaning more Members will vote in the 2013 LPC Leadership vote than in any previous LPC leadership race.

And it is Supporters who will cast three quarters of all votes. This above all shows the success of the new Supporter category: Canadians are eager to get involved and shape LPC’s future.

Sure, not every supporter registered to vote. But it’s important to think of this Leadership Race as the beginning of our relationship together, not the end. Nothing could make me happier than for these tens of thousands of new Liberals to move up the ladder of engagement at their own pace as they become the next generation of members, donors and volunteers.

Getting to this point was a herculean effort across all quarters of the Party. By passionate candidates and their dedicated teams. By supportive Provincial Territorial Associations and Riding Associations. And by a tireless Leadership Vote committee who has been meeting since last summer. Allow me to say thanks to all involved.

But I also want to thank the around the clock efforts of the Leadership Services Team and other staff working at LPC headquarters in Ottawa.

In March, they were able to assist over 50,000 Supporters and Members with registration-related inquiries while also processing tens of thousands of mail-in registration forms. Truly amazing.

This is what we can do as a movement. And once we choose our new Leader, this is exactly the kind of team work it will take to make him or her Prime Minister of Canada in 2015.


Mike Crawley

LPC President

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  1. Avatar of Wolfgang Braun Wolfgang Braun said on

    Got my envelope in the mail with PIN number and ready to vote. I will vote on April 9th…. ’cause it’s my birthday ! :-)))

  2. Avatar of Mike Sugden Mike Sugden said on

    does anyone when supporters in Alberta will recieve their Voting Pins and Voting Instructions? im doing my best to be Patient and as each day passes by im getting nervous that i might not get the voting information on time….

    • Avatar of André Brisebois André Brisebois said on

      Hi Mike,
      You should receive your PIN and voting instructions by April 5 so it might still be in the mail. Let us know if you haven’t and we’ll get to the bottom of it.


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