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2013 LPC: Leadership starts now

Posted by Mike Crawley on November 14, 2012 | No Comments
2013 Leadership

Today we’re making history. The 2013 LPC Leadership race is officially on.

Between now and April 14, 2013, you are at the heart of the most exciting leadership contest a federal political party has ever seen in Canada. A leadership race where you make the big decision.

The person you choose as our new Leader will fight for the Canada we believe in – a Canada that is prosperous, socially just, united and environmentally healthy – and put us on the path to victory in the 2015 federal election.

That’s why we’ve created this video to show you that participating is as easy as 1-2-3. Sign up. Register. Vote. It’s that easy.

Click here to go to the 2013 LPC Leadership website and watch the video.

Whether it’s getting to know the leadership candidates or finding answers to your questions, the 2013 LPC Leadership website is your source for fair, accurate and up to date information.

I also want to tell you about a number of exciting events that will keep you on the edge of your seat over the next five months.

It all starts with debates happening in Vancouver, Winnipeg, the GTA, Halifax and Montreal.

Then we’ll put on a final, national all-candidates showcase in Toronto, April 6, as voting-week begins.

Then it’s all up to you.

Cast your ballot and, on April 14, join us and tune in as the results are announced from Ottawa. And meet the new Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, a Leader chosen by you.

Start here: visit the 2013 LPC Leadership website and watch the video.

2013 LPC Leadership video

Thank you.

Mike Crawley

President, Liberal Party of Canada

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  1. Avatar of David Momotiuk David Momotiuk said on

    Dear fellow Liberals,

    Your promises are about to be kept!

    By word of mouth, pronouncement of action, type of technology or format of publication, a fair and open leadership contest is now underway.

    Access to information and participation has never been easier.

    As we embark upon this Liberal leadership race, #LLR , there are some conclusions that can be made without debate and they are the following:

    Our Liberal commitment to national unity in Canada is without question. Domestic tourism can not be under-valued in that the economic and cultural diversity within our Confederation is a reality to be considered rather than challenged;

    Environmental stewardship requires Liberals to be in office and in charge for good outcomes to arise. And our international reputation regarding it depends on it;

    Fiscal management of debt, deficits and budgets in general can no longer be afforded to the Conservatives. Their math is old, tired and wrong and so is their rhetoric;

    The current Prime Minister has side-stepped many democratic protections citizens have to ensure their elected and unelected leaders provide proper governance with integrity and accountability at its core;

    Universal and affordable access to clean energy, substantial health care and a full education for all Canadians is an ongoing battle against conglomerate’s and unions who choose to ration and profit from such vulnerable yet renewable commodities.

    It is with free speech, firm responsibility and full respect that our best intentions can be accomplished. And while our strategies, approaches, techniques and abilities may differ from time to time, one thing that will never change is our commitment to a more Liberal Canada.

    Our next and best moments are still to come.

    With deep humility, I wish all candidates, members and supporters the feeling of content within their particular contributions to the discussions and promotions of earnest and important policy for the collective purpose of the LPC, and in their resolve therein.


    Dave Momotiuk

    David Momotiuk
    A member of the Liberal Party of Canada


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