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5 days to keep it going

Posted by Bob Rae on September 26, 2012 | No Comments

Five days isn’t long when you’re up against a big deadline.

But if thousands of Liberals like you come together on this, anything can happen.

Here’s the situation.

At midnight this Sunday, September 30, the books will close on the third fundraising quarter of 2012.

Since the last election, we’ve punched above our weight, consistently out-fundraising the Official Opposition NDP.

But right now we’re in danger of falling short: we’ve got just five days to change the course of history and boost our numbers another $200,000.

That’s why I’m asking you today: Can you chip in $5 – just $1.25 after your tax credit – to the Keep it Going Campaign?

It’s vital that together we understand how email fundraising campaigns like this one are changing our Party. And it’s just as important that we explain how we’re using your donations in the ways we’ve promised.

Like last December, when Liberals generously donated over $1-million in 12 days.

Because nearly 7,000 Liberals gave to the Million Conversations Campaign, we’ve been able to start 723,533 conversations and counting with Canadians in 2012.

This infographic shows how we’re reaching out to those million Canadians to talk about our vision for Canada, conversations that you have made possible.

Over the next five days we’ll be reporting back to you about what other email campaigns are helping us achieve.

But if we’re going to keep it going, I need your help.

We may be choosing our Leader next April 14, but rest assured, Leadership starts with you.

Please give $5 using our secure online form.

You may also call 1-800-701-7789 (Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm ET) to donate by phone.

Thank you.

Bob Rae

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5 days to keep it going »

September 26, 2012

5 days to keep it going »

September 26, 2012

5 days to keep it going »

September 26, 2012

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  1. Avatar of said on

    Please, review the sentence starting with “We may be choosing our Leader next April 14″.

    • Avatar of David Momotiuk David Momotiuk said on

      Being that it has been reviewed by at least two official members, allows me to say… i would say that it’s up to you to fill in the space refered to, with your name or someone else’s.

      And that as a tech feature and/or error… You can use the text for a ‘cut and paste’ use for further distribution to members, supporters and potential one’s.

  2. Avatar of Stephen van Beek Stephen van Beek said on

    Listen bigwigs!

    I am being inundated with appeals for my money, with a side-salad of intreest about what I might want te party the]o become.

    Seems more Harper than it ought to sound.

    I am not in this as a free wallet so kindly cease plaguing me. My original donations were voluntary but probably nobody noticed that.

    Time to listen up as thesis pissing mo off seriously. I will asy it but do think abut the many who are merely turned off at this stage.

    Stop the incessant calls and the constant emails. I am very well aware of the poiotical issues and I won’t be goaded, guilted or harassed into attaining some spurious PR goal .

    It is time to rethink the strategy by means of which social networking and fundraising are employed in my unhumble professional opinion. At risk is the perception of the party as ineptly managed and unfit to lead.

  3. Avatar of André Brisebois André Brisebois said on

    Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for the feedback. Please keep in mind that donations from Liberal supporters like you keep this Party going, powers are movement and enables all of our activities. You can always easily unsubscribe from our emails at the bottom of every email you receive from us.

    It must be said that email fundraising requests are a reality for every single political party and we have not sent a national fundraising request since last June. We also recognize that you are not a “free wallet.” That’s why we also send email updates to keep you informed of Party news and why Ralph Goodale sent the survey to our Party to hear your views on a variety of topics.

    If you have not filled it out yet, you still have the opportunity to be heard by our Caucus since the deadline is October 1st. The survey can be found here:



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