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I bet they didn’t expect this

Posted by Bob Rae on March 28, 2012 | No Comments

They must be kicking themselves now.

When all was said and done, 3,892 Liberals stood on guard for the character of Canada’s politics, donating $225,433 toward a strong, principled response to the attack ads against us.

These are critical times – and because of what happened this week, Liberals can now take a powerful message to the Canadian people about how the Liberal Party can be their advocate for positive Canadian change, far and wide.

Tomorrow, Stephen Harper will introduce a budget that will take Canada further off track. And as he carves up our national identity as a country of people who look out for one another, make no mistake.

With their savings, jobs and security at stake, Canadians will look to Liberals for leadership, and to advocate on their behalf.

Because only we bring the experience of government, responsible deficit reduction, and the kind of economic planning that saved Canada from the brunt of this most recent global economic crisis.

Meanwhile, Conservatives have piled on our national debt, year after year.

So between now and when we watch the budget come down Thursday, let’s remind Canadians that Tory times are tough times for Canadian families.

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Canada’s National Debt

Canada's National debt


Thank you.

Bob Rae

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  1. Avatar of Brian Dugdale Brian Dugdale said on

    FANTASTIC !!! Glad to see the great response to your letter of last
    week. I hope that we as a Party can continue too raise funds to
    promote our ideals in a positive manner. The Canadian Debt Clock
    web site shows the debt at $582 BILLION and climbing. So much for
    Conservative money management. Once again,congratulations!!!

  2. Avatar of Inge Jordan Inge Jordan said on

    I applaud Bob Rae for using the very fitting word “jerks” to describe those behind the attack ads against him. And he he confirmed in front of journalists that he had indeed used the word and did it with a smile! Please keep it up, there are many more equally fitting words, and lack of money should not stop any of us from using them. Tit for tat.

  3. Avatar of Francis Robinson Francis Robinson said on

    I am loving the new approach of the party to the attack ads. This party cannot just sit back and take the hits, and not fight back. Unfortunately the high ground in politics does not always work, because in the past, these attack adds has defined the leaders and the party as a whole. Its now time to turn the tables. FINALLY!!

  4. Avatar of Jos Murray Jos Murray said on

    The principles that liberals believe in are the principles of fair play and a level playing field. However, even a Liberal can’t stand forever between a cheater’s big nose from a well-aimed punch.

  5. Avatar of Wilf Chappell Wilf Chappell said on

    I am pleased that the latest Harper attach ad is viewed as an opportunity. I think it would be prudent for the Liberal Party to source out three very intelligent, very creative, experienced media types, and have them create one highly effective response ad that can be used over and over, with minor alteration, each time Harper plays his all too familiar bully card. This type of response might succeed without being seen to play the same game. The use by Bob of the description “jerks”, I thought was appropriately restrained.


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