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Conservative hypocrisy on LGBTTQ issues

Posted by Dr. Hedy Fry on September 26, 2012 | No Comments

The media is abuzz this week about Jason Kenney’s bizarre email to members of the LGBTTQ community lauding the Conservative government’s work to help persecuted gays and lesbians in Iran.

Those that received this unsolicited email are asking themselves how their names got onto the list of a party that has been nothing short of hostile towards their community. And while many people are talking about the use of micro-targeting and what constitutes a violation of our privacy, I think there is a much larger issue here.

This government (who in addition to this email has been extolling its foreign policy work on this issue in speeches, for example Minister Baird’s recent speech at the Montreal Council on Foreign Relations Luncheon) is now trying to sell itself as a great defender of gays and lesbians abroad. And yet in contrast, at home, the Conservatives have consistently tried to undermine the equality rights of the LGBTTQ community. From trying to roll-back same-sex marriage as one of their first orders of business when first elected in 2006, to removing (and having to be shamed into re-adding) a mention of gay rights from the “Discover Canada” booklet for new immigrants, to cutting funding for Toronto Pride, to allowing Bill C-32, which makes changes to allow non-resident same-sex couples that were married in Canada to divorce, to languish for months on end, this government’s record on LGBTTQ issues is nothing short of shameful. In addition, we will not soon forget the hurtful and inflammatory statements against gays and lesbians made both inside and outside Parliament by Conservative members, including several who are now cabinet ministers.

The queer community is right to question the Conservatives’ sincerity when it comes to issues affecting them and we should be resolute in calling them out on their hypocrisy.

The Canadian government should be a leader on the world stage in the fight to combat discrimination against LGBTTQ persons, but it must be equally resolute in its work to ensure LGBTTQ equality here in Canada.

Dr. Hedy Fry

Liberal Health Critic
MP, Vancouver Centre

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  1. Avatar of Craig Robinson Craig Robinson said on

    “The (queer) community is right to question the Conservatives’ sincerity when it comes to issues affecting them and we should be resolute in calling them out on their hypocrisy.”

    Don’t use the word “Queer” to describe a community of people who live there lives to the full extent of what makes them happy. We are no different then you, your family or your friends. It belittles and degrades us all. Who I have sex with does not define me as a person but it is simply a layer in the vast number of layers that makes me, me. I’m not “queer”, but what is queer is all these so called straight married men who seek out gay men for a “good time”.

    • Avatar of Martin Showell Martin Showell said on

      LGBTTQ is polite society’s attempt to arrive at a politically correct way of referring to a diverse community of non-heterosexuals. The Q does stand for Queer and most of the LGBTTQ community accepts the modern definition, defined as:

      “Recently, this term has been reclaimed by some lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgendered people as an inclusive and positive way to identify all people targeted by heterosexism and homophobia.”

      Just because you, personally don’t identify as “Queer” doesn’t change the message that Ms. Fry is trying to relate – mostly that it is extremely hypocritical of the conservative government to e-mail members of the LGBTTQ community as their ally considering the conservative track record on LGBTTQ issues.

      Perhaps Ms. Fry erred by limiting that one sentence you refer to … “The queer community is right…”. A better reference might have been to stick with the acronym “ The LGBTTQ community is right…” but I have no doubt that Ms. Fry meant no disrespect to you or any member of the LGBTTQ community.

      But let me ask you a question … how do you feel, Mr. Robinson, about people that do identify as queer? And should that group (queers) not question the conservatives over this issue? So, did Ms. Fry really say anything wrong? I wonder if it is you who may need to show a little more respect and acceptance and inclusiveness to the varied members of this recognized community.

      My hope is that one day we can just add “S” for Straight or “H” for heterosexual to LGBTTQ … because then we could replace the whole thing with “HUMANS”

  2. Avatar of Kate Marie Miller Kate Marie Miller said on

    I would just point out that the Q in LGBTTQ stands for queer, which is a widely accepted and used word by the community and its allies. I identify as queer. But I digress…Dr. Fry’s post is bang on! This Conservative government has spent years attacking our community and actively trying to undermine our rights. Now all of a sudden they have are are masquerading as gay rights advocates…give me a break!

  3. Avatar of Craig Robinson Craig Robinson said on

    Thats nice, but A. I want nothing to do with your community and B. I’m not queer. I maybe funny, charming, kind, and gay, but i’m not queer.

  4. Avatar of Craig Robinson Craig Robinson said on


    adj. queer·er, queer·est
    1. Deviating from the expected or normal; strange: a queer situation.
    2. Odd or unconventional, as in behavior; eccentric. See Synonyms at strange.
    3. Of a questionable nature or character; suspicious.
    4. Slang Fake; counterfeit.
    5. Feeling slightly ill; queasy.
    6. Offensive Slang Homosexual.
    7. Usage Problem Of or relating to lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, or transgendered people.
    1. Offensive Slang Used as a disparaging term for a homosexual person.
    2. Usage Problem A lesbian, gay male, bisexual, or transgendered person.
    tr.v. queered, queer·ing, queers Slang
    1. To ruin or thwart: “might try to queer the Games with anything from troop movements . . . to a bomb attack” (Newsweek).
    2. To put (someone) in a bad position.



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