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Crisis of leadership at the Department of Veterans Affairs

Posted by Sean Casey on November 19, 2012 | No Comments

There is a real crisis of leadership at the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Minister must be held accountable. This government must stop blaming others and using endless spin to cover up their failures. Real leadership requires listening and responding to the concerns of veterans, yet time and time again, the Conservatives demonstrate that they are only obsessed with appearance and image valuing symbolism over substance. Here are several examples:

  • The Minister’s decision to interfere with the work of the independent Privacy Commissioner who was conducting an audit of the Department and investigating breaches of privacy, including the privacy of a decorated veteran, Captain Sean Bruyea.
  • The Minister interfering and halting the work of the independent Veterans Ombudsman’s investigation into breaches of privacy, notably the Conservatives snooping into the medical records of veterans who spoke out again their policies.
  • The Minister’s decision to remove from the Veteran’s Review and Appeal Board a decorated veteran, Harold Leduc. This Board member was outspoken in their defence of veterans, and more often than not, applied the benefit of the doubt standard for cases being reviewed.
  • The Minister’s continued failure to properly honour veterans with adequate funding for their burial costs. He oversaw the rejection of over 66% of all requests for funding. Moreover, he rejected advice from his own departmental officials when two years ago they recommended changes to the Last Post Fund. This would have resulted in improved financial support for our veterans and their families at the time of their death.
  • The Minister, as noted in his own internal departmental documents, was allocated sums of money by Parliament to help with programs, including the burial costs for veterans. The Minister chose not to spend those funds approved by MPs that would have helped veterans and their families.
  • The Minister’s decision instead to spend millions of dollars of departmental funding on propaganda, media backdrops, photo ops and other communications to benefit only the Minister and his government, while ignoring the needs of our veterans.
  • The Conservatives fought and took our veterans to Federal Court. The current Minister failed to discontinue that court action against disabled veterans who were only fighting for their pensions – something they have earned and deserve. The Conservatives lost their case, but only after the Minister had spent more than $750,000 over five years fighting the very people he is supposed to serve and represent.
  • The Minister has shut down local Veterans Affairs district offices. These offices provided veterans a place where they could meet case workers in person to discuss the issues they are facing, including pensions and benefits.
  • The Minister fired 800 dedicated employees at a time when the needs of veterans are becoming ever greater. The Auditor General, in particular, has raised the alarm bells on the impact of these cuts to veterans’ services.

Veterans Week may be over, but we must continue to honour Canadians who have served in uniform by putting our veterans first. This Conservative government’s record speaks for itself, and it is an utter disgrace. Our veterans deserve better. They deserve real and immediate action from this government.

Sean Casey

Liberal Veterans Affairs critic

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  1. Profile photo of David Momotiuk David Momotiuk said on

    Very well said Mr. Casey. Thank you for posting on these important and difficult issues and for doing all you can to keep this Government accountable for their mishandlings and mismanagements.

  2. Profile photo of Keshav Chandra Keshav Chandra said on

    Yes, a good post Mr Casey!

    People put their life on the line to defend Canada, and justice internationally. This is how we behave by paying them back with less than equal compassion and support. It is shocking.

  3. Profile photo of Gregg Guptill Gregg Guptill said on

    Well done Sean. Keep the pressure up.

    All Veterans and all Canadians are with you.

  4. Profile photo of Wolfgang Braun Wolfgang Braun said on

    What is the LPC’s purpose when it comes to Veterans?

  5. Profile photo of David Stewart David Stewart said on

    Mr. Casey, I commend you on detailing the obvious problems that seem to be rampant in the Conservative Government and their lack of really taking care of the veterans, of which I am one of them.
    However and please do not take this the wrong way, as I am a supporter of the Liberal party, still I must point out that both parties have had their chance at the helm running Canada and could have corrected the SISIP claw back and changed the “Last Post Fund” to increase with the cost of living from the start, which may have negated this issue in the first place.
    It is time that the Government of Canada becomes the government that the veteran can be proud to have served!

    • Profile photo of Wolfgang Braun Wolfgang Braun said on

      David Stewart wrote: ” It is time that the Government of Canada becomes the government that the veteran can be proud to have served! ”

      Thank you for having served this great country of Canada David.

      I would agree with you that both the LPC and the Conservatives have not done enough for veterans. That’s why I asked the question that I asked. The LPC must define not just policies about veterans, and other issues, but also define the purpose of how they will govern and the principles they will follow in doing so. Policies without purpose and principles are meaningless.


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