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G8/G20 Waste Clock: Sit back and watch the millions fly by

Posted on June 21, 2010

By now you’ve probably already heard how the Conservatives mismanaged their way to a $1-billion G8/G20 security bill boondoggle. Between fake lakes and landlocked vintage steamboats, Canadians are rightly concerned that if Stephen Harper can’t keep the spending reigned in at a meeting, he won’t be able to dig Canada out of the deficit.

That’s why we’ve built the G8/G20 waste clock.

Sit back and watch as millions are spent due to mismanagement and poor planning. You can even reset the ticker to see how much the government would have spent while you wash the dishes or mow the lawn. And once the G8 summit begins, we’ll reset the clock for a second-by-second account of how much taxpayers are shelling out for Stephen Harper’s photo-op.

Backgrounder: dubious G8 Spending (PDF) >>

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