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Tell Harper: Tell Canadians the truth about F-35s

Posted by Bob Rae on April 12, 2012 | No Comments

Stephen Harper called us unpatriotic when we questioned his numbers on F-35s.

Now it’s come to light that his government misled Canadians about the competition, the contract, and the true cost.  This is NOT a simple accounting mistake; it’s a failure of leadership.

Sign the petition and tell Harper to tell the truth about F-35s.

The Conservative government must take responsibility for this fiasco.  Blaming soldiers and bureaucrats is unacceptable.  Stephen Harper and Peter MacKay have both showed gross incompetence.

Harper and his ministers have insisted that there was a contract.  Even when all evidence pointed otherwise they have attacked everyone that questioned their numbers.

Their changing story shows how they have no credibility and are unfit to govern our country.

The Auditor General says that “Decisions taken to date as well as those yet to come will have impacts for the next 40 years,” meaning that the course followed by the Conservative government is going to cost our country billions of misspent money – about $1,000 for every Canadian.

Tell Harper: Tell Canadians the truth about F35s. We expect honesty and accountability from our government, not accounting excuses.

After you sign, please forward this email to friends and family and share the petition on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you.

Bob Rae

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  1. Avatar of Zafar Iqbal Zafar Iqbal said on

    This is NOT a simple accounting mistake; it’s a failure of leadership.

  2. Avatar of Michael  Marchant Michael Marchant said on

    I am trying to better understand the F35 issue. Where can I see a detailed account of the Liberal view on what has happened and what has been said over the last couple of years. I remember at the last election, Liberals were saying “30 billion for planes”. It seemed at the time that Conservatives were sticking to a low purchase price per plane that would probably be doubled. Also they were not counting the true lifetime maintenance. Now the whole picture seems to be different and I am confused. I cannot sign a petition until I build enough information.

  3. Avatar of Eleanore Kaarsberg Eleanore Kaarsberg said on

    I share your outrage, however I cannot sign a petition that I feel will be detrimental to mythe goals for the Liberal Party to be fair & not to just grab headlines. Rebuilding is a long patient process which I fear will be derailed with initiatives that will brand us with “politics before what is good for the country “. Thanks for listening. Eleanore

  4. Avatar of Ed Stephens Ed Stephens said on

    This is the wrong way of dealing with this issue. This is not an accounting error or a lack of accountability. This is corruption that lead to the selection of the worst aircraft of our time. We need to kill the F-35 program before it kills a Canadian pilot.


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