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Let’s talk about multiculturalism in Canada

Posted by Jim Karygiannis on October 3, 2012 | No Comments

Today, October 3, from 3:30pm to 4:30pm ET, you’re invited to join me online for our latest live interactive Critics Corner webcast.

This time our agenda will focus on the divisive nature of Stephen Harper and the Conservative government’s approach to multicultural relations. This is your chance to ask me any question you want in my capacity as Liberal Critic for Multiculturalism. I’ll also be joined by Liberal Party of Canada National Policy Chair Maryanne Kampouris.

There’s no RSVP required, just click this link a little before 3:30pm ET and join us on – then follow the link to submit your question.

Harper’s Conservative government is creating an intolerant and anti-immigrant culture in Canada and moving the country away from Canada’s traditional values of celebrating diversity and multiculturalism.

Minister Kenney has carried out immigration policies that are detrimental to multicultural communities. He turned his back on family reunification with the freezing of parental and grandparent sponsorships, he cut funding to refugee health care and he turned his back on close to 300,000 skilled workers who have been waiting for years to immigrate to Canada.

The Minister consistently uses divisive language that denigrates by trying to create categories of good and bad immigrants. Worst of all, the Minister empowers himself with broad, unfettered and unprecedented powers.

Since obtaining their majority government, it has become clear that Stephen Harper and his gang of Conservatives have ignored and forgotten multicultural communities.

Liberals understand the importance of immigration in Canada. That’s why we enshrined multiculturalism in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. And we would do it again because it is still a pillar of Canadian society that strengthens our great nation.

Please click here to be a part of this important discussion. Join us later today for our Critics Corner at 3:30pm ET.

Thank you.

Jim Karygiannis

Liberal Multiculturalism Critic

PS. You can submit your questions to us in advance here.

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  1. Avatar of Richard Richard said on

    Jim, Only the astute follower of this file would be able to navigate through what was good/bad that the conservative (Jason Kenny) have changed to immigration/multiculturalism.
    Could we have a “true” condensed fact sheet what has changed and how it affects immigrants and Canadians as a whole?
    I have heard second stories of Canadian companies not being to be able to quote on ethic run projects, only “like” nationalities need submit. (maybe the wrong words, hopefuly you get the meaning)
    I have second hand stories that Ontario locals being abused so they would quit and be replaced with lower cost immigrants in the farming communities.
    I think we need a clearing of the air and some investigation on this file!


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