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Liberals launch television ads focusing on the issues

Posted on January 21, 2011

The Liberal Party of Canada has launched a new television advertising campaign that attacks the Conservative government’s position on untendered stealth fighters and corporate tax breaks.

Two different TV advertisements, available in both official languages, will be broadcast across Canada.

Fighter Jets:

Corporate Tax Cuts:

While Stephen Harper attacks people, the Liberal Party attacks problems.

The Conservatives have presented a distorted picture of their record and resorted to personal attacks because they know Canadians do not support their misguided priorities.

Liberals are putting Stephen Harper’s misguided priorities in the window for all Canadians to see.

After five years of Harper, Canadians and their families are worse off. Instead of spending $16 billion on untendered stealth fighters and adding to Harper’s record $56-billion deficit by borrowing $6 billion more to give tax breaks to the largest corporations, Liberals want to address the economic pressures facing Canadian families when it comes to family care, pensions, learning and jobs.