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Stephen Harper’s Index

Posted on October 8, 2009

The price tag on a government’s vanity

$56-million (or more)

Amount the government spent on partisan “Economic Plan” advertising between January and June of this year.


Amount the government claims is budgeted for H1N1 prevention advertising.

At least 10:1

Ratio between partisan ad spending and H1N1 advertising this year.

5 times more likely

Chances that Canadians are expected to catch H1N1 compared to the regular flu.


Amount this government spent on consultants (unclear if spent all at once on a single “magic mirror”).


Number of months the Harper government has had to get infrastructure projects off the ground.


Amount of projects that had shovels in the ground September 1 (not counting imaginary shovels).


Number of extra tax dollars per year workers will pay annually for the government’s $15-billion EI payroll tax grab.


Record size of our deficit, one year to the day after Harper said there would be no deficit at all (happy birthday).

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