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This is who I am

Posted by Michael Ignatieff on March 18, 2011

I see Canada through my father’s eyes. He was a refugee who came here with nothing, began a new life, raised a family, and gave his children a chance at a better future.

My dad loved our country because it gave him a new start. He got an education and became a diplomat – eventually, an ambassador – all because of the equality of opportunity that defines us at our best.

His story has been written and rewritten thousands of times, by new Canadians from every corner of the globe. They see our country the way my father did: as a beacon of hope in a world filled with fear.

The Canada I love is a land of freedom and refuge, where every citizen is guaranteed the same equality of opportunity under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

I am, after all, my father’s son.

- Michael

PS. You can learn more about my vision for Canada in this updated video, here.

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