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Update: Our response to the attack ads

Posted by Bob Rae on September 28, 2012 | No Comments

The first time I saw the attack ads against me last March, I was at home watching TV.

It’s an odd thing to be attacked in your own living room like that, but instead of feeling hurt or disgust, I laughed.

Within a few days, over 3,982 Liberals would stick up for me, donating what they could so we could mount a response.

While we considered launching TV ads of our own, we decided not to let ourselves be drawn into the Conservatives’ game of insults and smears.

Instead, we invested in our Party’s future – and Canada’s.

We asked a public opinion research company to do a deep dive into the minds of Canadians. To tell us where our leadership and ideas can help the most, and what issues are top of mind for swing voters.

We had them investigate our opponents’ weaknesses. And how we can repair the damage from our past mistakes to reclaim political ground from the NDP and Conservatives.

And we’re about to do something even smarter. We’re going to share this roadmap for Canada with every official 2013 LPC Leadership candidate.

But right now, with just 72 hours left before our midnight, September 30 deadline, it’s crunch time.

Can you put your shoulder to the wheel alongside thousands of fellow Liberals and push this movement forward?

Click here to give $5 — just $1.25 after your tax credit – and you will have done your part:

Email fundraising campaigns like this one, and the things they let us do, are only possible because of Liberals like you.

Thanks to the 1,024 Liberals who have donated $49,042 to this campaign we’re about a quarter of the way to our goal: $200,000.

But we won’t make it without you.

Click here to give $5 using our prefilled, secure online form.

You may also call 1-800-701-7789 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm ET) to donate by phone.

Thank you.

Bob Rae

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  1. Avatar of Mary Fernando Mary Fernando said on

    Thank you for explaining this Mr. Rae.

    Quite frankly there are more than 3,000 + Liberals who would stick up for you.

    With your amazing political talent and and endless hard work-you have made many Liberals so proud of this party.

  2. Avatar of Keshav Chandra Keshav Chandra said on

    I think if a remark is made by the other parties with an intent to bully then may be at times it should be replied to. It is part of life. In the last election the conservatives got away because the liberals did not defend their positions. When you don’t do that then you invite the inevitable conclusion from the massses that there must be truth to what the bullying party is saying. People don’t have the time to think thru it all. They are too busy with their lives!

    Propaganda does pay off! Conservatives know it. If we want to be Gandhi then be one, but then in the west where we are used to the idea of wild west the strong must look strong or you are considered weak and consequently to be ignored as lacking crediblity.

  3. Avatar of Mary Fernando Mary Fernando said on

    Keshav-I could not agree more. Great post. Personally-I would have preferred that we stood up for Bob. He has stood up for us. We must learn to stand up for our own or, as you said, we are telling Canada that “there must be truth to what the bullying party is saying.” My only addition to your post is that we need a war room.

  4. Avatar of Keshav Chandra Keshav Chandra said on

    Mary: During the last election when I help[lessly saw that Liberals were not responding to attack ads by the conservatives I did contribute money so that effort could be made to deal with the attacks. Ignatieff was too much of a civlized gentleman. I liked him as a person. He had the attitude that we are competing with ideas and ideology and not personalities. I must add I did not agree with Liberal platform at all. But I voted Liberal anyhow because I really had lot of respect for my member of parliament who was a Liberal at the time.

    Yes the conservatives got away with nonsenstical statements which had little bearing towards the issues being discussed. there was lot of matters at stake at that point in time, and even now.

    I respect Bob Rae.

  5. Avatar of Lenora Nuspel Lenora Nuspel said on

    I hope that the Liberal Party from here on in takes the stand of not lowering themselves to someone elses level of play just to make a point…. Do NOT engage in the attack ads! Attack ads are “behaviour” and we know that there is always something behind behaviour….usually fear, hate, frustration etc, all negative components. My suggestion is to use positives and humour, it goes a long way in teaching and role modelling!

  6. Avatar of Mary Fernando Mary Fernando said on

    I agree that we do not lower ourselves to attacking in the manner that we have been attacked.

    However, we have lowered ourselves to the level that we do not protect our leaders or stand up to attacks against them. There are many ways to become less than what you should be. I strongly suggest we stop being less than a party of unity that stands up for and stands behind our own.

  7. Avatar of Derek Thompson Derek Thompson said on

    Attack ads are a reflection on the insecurities of the author. They are afraid because they cannot offer tangible solutions to important issues.

    The deflections caused by these ads are merely an attempt to distract Canadians from what is really important to them and, try to cover the lack of action on issues by the attacker.

    I am pleased to see that we are not following this path. As a party we need to reinforce our values to Canadians and demonstrate that our values & policies will help all Canadians.


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