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Watch the leadership debate live from Winnipeg!

Posted on January 31, 2013 | No Comments

One stage. Two arm chairs. And a heck of a good discussion.

Join us this Saturday, February 2, at 2pm Eastern (1pm Central) on for the second 2013 LPC Leadership debate live from Winnipeg.

This time you’ll get to know the nine official candidates for the 2013 LPC Leadership through informative one-on-one conversations with moderator and former Calgary Centre Candidate Harvey Locke.

Click here to watch the second 2013 LPC Leadership debate live from Winnipeg this Saturday February 2 at 2pm Eastern (1pm Central) as Harvey chats with all nine candidates.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to hear about the candidates’ positions on agricultural and rural policy, the export of natural resources, transportation, foreign ownership and crime prevention.

And watch it live on while chatting with fellow Liberals from all across Canada.

We will send you an email reminder an hour before the debate begins on Saturday.

But please go ahead and save the link below:

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Thank you.

Ian McKay

National Director, Liberal Party of Canada

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  1. Avatar of Wolfgang Braun Wolfgang Braun said on

    I watched the first debate from BC. While it was a tad crowded on the stage, my main issue was the videography and sound.

    I found the camera shots too distant and the sound level too low. I had my PC speakers @ 100% and still had difficulty hearing some of the candidates. Also the lighting on long shots was too dark.

    Just sayin’ !

  2. Avatar of André Brisebois André Brisebois said on

    Hi Wolfgang,
    We were not responsible for most of those elements but thanks for the feedback. We’ll pass it on to the media corps.

  3. Avatar of Serge Zoritch Serge Zoritch said on

    This is NOT a debate! It does not create an environment where the difference between the candidates is highlighted, but does emphasize the similarities of all the candidates. Stop wasting my time. I want to participate in something meaningful, not be bored to death!

  4. Avatar of Jung Rim Lee Jung Rim Lee said on

    True! it was difficult to tell the difference between candidates in terms of approach to the same questions given to all candidates. But I enjoyed it. I watched or attended all debates so far. The more, the better and deeper. Attention to details of each candidate is needed. I’d like to see each candidate’s adaptation to the circumstances and the level of understanding of issues. How about cross debate?


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