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Just the Facts: Conservative and NDP platforms don’t add up

Just the Facts: Conservative and NDP platforms don’t add up

Posted on April 25, 2011
New revenue/spending by party platform (billions)


NDP revenue NDP spending CPC revenue CPC spending LPC revenue LPC spending
2011-12 $12.63 $12.48 $0.00 $0.73 $4.19 $2.69
2012-13 $17.03 $16.99 $1.01 $1.64 $7.04 $5.54
Total: $29.66 $29.47 $1.01 $2.37 $11.23 $8.23


Stephen Harper’s platform makes families wait five years at the back of the line behind large corporations – and only if he can balance the budget with $11 billion in cutbacks after spending billions on jets, jails and corporate tax cuts.

Mr. Harper said he can find $11 billion in savings by consolidating the federal government’s computer system and reducing the federal public service.  But a report last week showed the computer consolidation would save as little as $40 million, and even a 5% reduction in the federal workforce through attrition would only produce about $1 billion in savings. (iPolitics, April 17, 2011)

Mr. Harper’s $11 billion in cuts will require a 10% reduction in program spending – which means government programs that Canadians rely on are at stake (Un projet de l’équipe de Stephen Harper – Des coupes douloureuses, Le Devoir, April 23, 2011). Stephen Harper still has yet to explain how he can avoid massive cuts to public health care to pay for his $30-billion F-35s, $13-billion U.S.-style mega-prisons and $6-billion corporate tax cuts.


Jack Layton plans to spend nearly $30 billion in the next two years ($70 billion over the next four years) using fantasy money.

The NDP platform is based on $21.5 billion in revenues from a cap-and-trade system – including $3.6 billion this year – a hole that’s larger than the total planned Liberal spending this year.

On the weekend, Jack Layton said western states in the U.S. have already launched a cap-and-trade system that we can join immediately – but that’s not true.  The Western Climate Initiative’s draft framework won’t be implemented until at least 2015.

Mr. Layton plans to raise $8.6 billion over the next four years by cracking down on tax havens alone – but nowhere in the NDP platform does it explain how this can be done.

Unless Jack Layton can show Canadians where this money will come from, his $70-billion spending plans will be financed by increasing our already crippling deficit, or he’ll be forced to raise taxes on Canadian families.  The NDP plan is just not credible.


Liberals have laid out a credible two-year plan modeled after deficit-fighting Liberal budgets from the 1990s.  The Liberal platform that does not tie us to long-term spending commitments – like $6-billion annual corporate giveaways, $13-billion mega-prisons, or $30-billion stealth fighters – leaving space to secure the future of health care beyond 2014.

Only the Liberal Party’s platform offers a fully-costed, credible, realistic approach that puts families first, keeps taxes low and takes a responsible approach to the deficit.

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