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Justice & Public Safety

Just the Facts: Things you have to register

Posted on September 2, 2010

Jack Layton and Stephen Harper should explain why registering lethal firearms aren’t necessary when compared to other things that Canadians are used to registering.  

Do the Conservatives and the NDP also think that we shouldn’t register dogs and cats to keep strays from roaming the streets?  Should we no longer register cars to help us enforce our motor vehicle laws?  Perhaps Mr. Harper and Mr. Layton think that people should be able to receive government funding without having to register for it.  Would they be comfortable receiving professional services from a doctor or a lawyer who has not registered with their professional association?

Registering firearms allows the police to know who owns lethal weapons, which helps them to protect public safety – making the firearms registry a valuable tool that police overwhelmingly support.  But the Harper-Layton anti-cop coalition doesn’t seem to care about what the police need to do their job.

Just consider how silly some of the Conservative and NDP arguments against registering firearms sound when you replace firearms with commons sense items that Canadians are used to registering:

  • Criminals won’t register their dogs anyway, so what’s the point?
  •  The government wants you to get a fishing license so they can seize all of your fishing poles!
  • The car registration scheme in this country costs millions a year and does nothing to prevent road accidents!
  • You already have to pass a driver’s test to be able to drive a car, so what’s the point of having to register your car?
  • There was a boating accident last week, and the boating registration scheme did nothing to prevent that from happening!

To help you keep track, here’s a list of things you have to register, if you want to own, do, or receive the following:

Owning livestock, including James Bezan’s horse “Woody”
Driving Stephen Harper’s “I make the rules” All-Terrain-Vehicle
Owning dogs and cats
Owning and driving motor vehicles
Getting married
Having a baby
Going fishing
Going boating
Owning a corporation
Owning land
Being a lobbyist
Providing professional services:
–    Lawyers
–    Doctors
–    Engineers
–    Architects
–    Accountants
Owning copyright and intellectual property
Being a member of the Conservative Party of Canada
Having a healthcare card
Qualifying for Old Age Security
Qualifying for the Canada Pension Plan
Qualifying for the Canada Child Tax Credit and Universal Child Care Benefit  
Having a Registered Retirement Savings Plan
Having a Registered Education Savings Plan
Having a Tax Free Savings Account  
Getting a Permanent Resident Card
Qualifying for Employment Insurance