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Liberals Support Investigation into Conservative Election Fraud

Liberals Support Investigation into Conservative Election Fraud

Posted on March 27, 2012

OTTAWA— Liberal Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics critic Scott Andrews made the following statement today on the investigation launched by the Council of Canadians into allegations of electoral fraud stemming from the last general election:

“The Liberal Party is encouraged to hear that this citizens’ organization has undertaken an investigation into the disturbing allegations of voter suppression during the last federal election. The Liberal Party will continue to set the bar for transparency and do whatever is needed to facilitate the Council of Canadians’ investigation, as we have with the ongoing Elections Canada investigation.

Canadians are losing faith in our democracy. After being found in contempt of Parliament, the Conservatives have been found guilty under the Elections Canada Act and were forced to pay back $282,000 in fines and taxpayer money for the in-and-out scandal. Now the Conservative Industry Minister, Christian Paradis, has been found in violation of the Conflict of Interest Act, for giving unfair advantages to a former Conservative MP.

This is the culture the Conservatives have created. Their anything-to-win attitude, the broken laws and cronyism have degraded our democracy. Stephen Harper has decided to do nothing. So Canadians must do something. The Liberal Party fully supports the Council of Canadians in their endeavour.”