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Michael Ignatieff announces Liberal Critic team for return of Parliament

Posted on September 7, 2010

OTTAWA – Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff today announced the team of Opposition Critics that will lead the Liberal caucus in Parliament this fall.

“Our new line-up of Opposition Critics shows the strength of the Liberal team,” said Mr. Ignatieff. “We will work together to ensure the everyday priorities of Canadians are reflected in the issues we focus on in Parliament and in the policies we present to Canadians.

“I’m very pleased that Ralph Goodale has agreed to take on the role of Deputy Leader,” said Mr. Ignatieff.  “I’m going to be calling on every ounce of his solid experience and wise judgment this fall.

“During the almost 40,000 kilometres I’ve travelled in the Liberal Express this summer, one thing we’ve heard loud and clear is that Canadians are demanding a political leader who is out there with them, meeting them face-to-face, listening to their concerns, talking about the kind of country we can build together.  A total contrast to Stephen Harper’s ‘I make the rules’ approach,” said Mr. Ignatieff.

“As a result, I’m going to continue getting out there and meeting Canadians all through the fall in our ‘Open mike’ town hall meetings.  That’s why I need Ralph’s steady hand in Ottawa working with our new House Leader David McGuinty, guiding our parliamentary team.”

“Stephen Harper’s priorities are prisons and fighter planes,” said Mr. Goodale.  “Our priorities are the priorities of Canadian families – strong, sustainable public health care, post-secondary education and job prospects for their kids, helping them care for their loved ones, a secure retirement.  That’s what Michael Ignatieff and the entire Liberal Team talked about all summer on the Liberal Express.  That’s what we’ll be talking about all fall – inside Parliament and out.”

Today’s announcement also introduces new critic positions for Rural Affairs, Human Rights, and Water, and brings together a number of formerly separate roles into combined areas of expertise with Rodger Cuzner as  Fisheries, Oceans & ACOA Critic and John McCallum taking on the role of Critic for Transport, Infrastructure & Communities.

The full roster of Critic and Parliamentary roles are as follows:

Parliamentary leadership:

Deputy Leader                                                                       Ralph Goodale
House Leader                                                                         David McGuinty
Deputy House Leader                                                         Judy Foote
Chief Opposition Whip                                                       Marcel Proulx
Deputy Opposition Whip                                                  Yasmin Ratansi
Leader of the Opposition in the Senate                       Sen. James Cowan
Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate       Sen. Claudette Tardif
Chief Opposition Whip in the Senate                            Sen. Jim Munson

Opposition Critics:

Aboriginal Affairs                                                                            Todd Russell
Agriculture, Agri-food & Canadian Wheat Board              Wayne Easter
Amateur Sport                                                                                  Joyce Murray
Arctic Issues & Northern Development                                Larry Bagnell
Canadian Heritage                                                                          Pablo Rodriguez
Consular Affairs, Consumer Affairs                                         Dan McTeague
Crown Corporations                                                                      Bonnie Crombie
Economic Development Agency for Regions of Quebec
and Associate Finance Critic                                                  Alexandra Mendes
Democratic Renewal                                                                     Carolyn Bennett
Environment                                                                                    Gerard Kennedy
Finance                                                                                               Scott Brison
Fisheries, Oceans & Atlantic Canada
Opportunities Agency                                                               Rodger Cuzner
Foreign Affairs                                                                                Bob Rae
La Francophonie                                                                            Raymonde Folco
Health                                                                                                 Ujjal Dosanjh
Human Resources & Skills Development                             Mike Savage
Human Rights                                                                                  Irwin Cotler
Industry, Science & Technology                                             Marc Garneau
International Cooperation                                                        Glen Pearson
International Trade                                                                     Martha Hall Findlay
Justice & Attorney-General                                                      Marlene Jennings
Labour                                                                                               Maria Minna
Multiculturalism                                                                           Rob Oliphant
National Defence                                                                           Dominic LeBlanc
National Revenue                                                                         Jean-Claude D’Amours
Natural Resources                                                                       Denis Coderre
Official Languages                                                                        Mauril Belanger
Pacific Gateway and Western Economic Diversification    Sukh Dhaliwal
Public Safety & National Security                                           Mark Holland
Public Works & Government Services                                  Geoff Regan
Rural Affairs                                                                                    Mark Eyking
Seniors and Pensions                                                                   Judy Sgro
Small Business                                                                                Navdeep Bains
Southern Ontario Development Agency                             Frank Valeriote
Status of Women                                                                            Anita Neville
Transport, Infrastructure & Communities                         John McCallum
Treasury Board                                                                              Siobhan Coady
Tourism                                                                                             Gerry Byrne
Veterans Affairs                                                                             Kirsty Duncan
Water                                                                                                  Francis Scarpaleggia
Youth and Immigration                                                              Justin Trudeau

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