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Conservative Government Needs Actions to Match Outrage on Syria

Conservative Government Needs Actions to Match Outrage on Syria

Posted on July 6, 2012

SHEDIAC, NB— Liberal Foreign Affairs critic Dominic LeBlanc made the following statement today on the Conservative government’s latest round of sanctions against Syria:

“The Harper Conservatives are fond of tough talk, but they have failed to provide any real action to improve outcomes in diplomatic relations or the safety of those Syrians whose lives are at risk.

We support increased sanctions on the Assad regime, but it is naive to assume this will have a direct impact for the Syrian people affected by the violent clashes. While other world leaders are doubling their aid to the region’s 1.5 million affected for sanitation, health and shelter, Canada is lagging behind, and this government refuses to come clean on where our negligible aid dollars are going.

Additionally, the unity of the Syrian opposition parties is essential for any credible efforts if a transition plan is to bear fruit. Canada should be working with the opposition parties to provide the united voice necessary to initiate the transition to democracy in Syria.

Liberals believe that we must continue to increase pressure on Assad, but this government’s press-release diplomacy is woefully inadequate for the Syrian people.”