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Conservative Show Double-Standard in Handling of Labour Disputes

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Conservative Show Double-Standard in Handling of Labour Disputes

Posted on June 15, 2011

OTTAWA – The Conservative government is showing a double-standard in its handling of ongoing labour disputes at Canada Post and Air Canada, Liberals said today. Rather than taking drastic action against airline employees while doing nothing on major disruptions to mail service, the government must show consistency in its approach to resolving these disputes in the best interest of all Canadians.

“The Conservative government was quick to take a sledgehammer to Air Canada workers, while doing nothing on a far-more disruptive dispute at Canada Post,” said Liberal Leader Bob Rae. “There’s a clear double standard here.”

Liberal Human Resources & Skills Development Critic Rodger Cuzner said Canadians need to know what their government plans to do to ensure they can rely on their postal system to deliver things like paycheques, benefits, medicine and other essentials normally deliver by Canada Post.

“Businesses and seniors are just two of the groups most affected by the dispute at Canada Post,” said Mr. Cuzner. “The government needs to set out a clear plan and work with both sides of the disputes to ensure that essential services continue.”

Liberal Seniors, Pensions and the Status of Women Critic Judy Sgro echoed the particular effect of the disruption on seniors, and pointed to secure pensions as the root cause of both breakdowns between workers and employers.

“Canadian should not lose sight of the fact that both these labour disputes are rooted in a deep concern over the future of retirement security in this country,” said Ms. Sgro. “The Conservatives say they are standing up for seniors, yet they have no plan to protect the integrity of pensions. We worry the Conservatives will fail these workers, just like they failed the pensioners at Nortel.”

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