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Conservatives Misuse Canada’s International Aid

Conservatives Misuse Canada’s International Aid

Posted on January 19, 2012

SYDNEY, NS and TORONTO– Liberal International Cooperation critic Mark Eyking made the following statement on news that the Conservative government is using international aid dollars to help fund corporate social responsibility efforts by Canadian mining companies:

“The Liberal Party supports the efforts of Canadian companies working abroad to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities. We also support those who have chosen to work with Canadian NGOs in meeting these responsibilities effectively. However, it is inappropriate for the Conservative government to use taxpayers’ money to fund these projects when the companies should be paying for these projects themselves. The Conservative government should be putting Canada’s precious foreign aid dollars to help alleviate poverty and not to the benefit of large corporations.”

Liberal Defence critic John McKay, continued:

“It seems perverse to me that Canadian taxpayers are now footing the bill for the Corporate Social Responsibility Projects of some of Canada’s largest companies. CIDA’s decision to fund these projects is not only a dramatic departure from CIDA’s usual funding model, but it also runs counter to the mandate set out in the Official Development Assistance Act, which has at its heart, the alleviation of poverty. This funding decision adds to a larger narrative which demonstrates that this government links Canada’s private economic interests with aid, to the detriment of the poor.”