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Conservatives Must Stop Downloading Costs to Municipalities

Conservatives Must Stop Downloading Costs to Municipalities

Posted on July 12, 2012

MONTREAL— Liberal Transport, Infrastructure and Communities critic Denis Coderre made the following statement today regarding the Conservative government’s announcement of new wastewater standards for cities and communities:

“In an effort demonstrate to that they are doing something on the environment, the Conservatives have re-announced their intention to combat raw sewage in waterways by introducing new wastewater standards for Canadian municipalities. Unfortunately, they have no funding plan for the billions of dollars Canada’s cities, towns and communities will have to bear in order to bring their infrastructure in line with the new regulations.

By downloading these costs, the Conservatives are once again creating an untenable financial situation for Canada’s municipalities that ultimately will result in property tax increases and a reduction of services to those taxpayers. Mayor John Morgan of Cape Breton Regional Municipality has said that without new funding, the cost of this Conservative initiative will be the equivalent of a 67% property tax increase. This is simply unacceptable.

The Liberal Party of Canada fully supports the elimination of raw sewage being dumped into Canadian waterways, but unlike this Conservative government we know that cities and communities across the country need a real federal funding plan and the support to make it happen.”