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Foreign Affairs

Joint Statement by Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and Foreign Affairs Critic Bob Rae on the return of Abousfian Abdelrazik to Canada

Posted on June 28, 2009

On behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada we welcome Mr. Abousfian Abdelrazik back to Canada. Many questions remain regarding Mr. Abdulrazik’s case. What information did Canadian Government agencies share with the Government of Sudan regarding Mr. Abdelrazik’s case? What information was given to the United States? Why was Mr. Abdelrazik not allowed to return home to Canada once he had been cleared as a security risk and released from jail? And why did it take a court order for the Conservative Government to do the right thing and allow a Canadian citizen to return home to his family?

Both Mr. Abdelrazik and the Canadian people deserve answers to these questions.