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Liberal Leader Bob Rae Announces Summer Plans

Liberal Leader Bob Rae Announces Summer Plans

Posted on July 5, 2011

OTTAWA – Liberal Leader Bob Rae today announced the Liberal Caucus’ plans for the months of July and August and set a course for the Liberal Party’s rebuilding efforts throughout the summer and beyond.

“The rebuilding process begins with engaging Canadians one-on-one, allowing ideas to flow and ensuring the Party has the money to engage in a ‘permanent campaign’,” said Mr. Rae. “That’s why my colleagues and I will be travelling the country to hear from Liberals on how we rebuild this great Party. The campaign in 2015 started May 3rd, and this is no time to rest. We’ve got work to do.”

The summer months provide a great opportunity to meet Canadians face-to-face, and Mr. Rae has committed to visiting all ten provinces before the Liberal Summer Caucus Meeting which will take place in Ottawa from August 29th to 31st. The tour begins next week with visits to Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Alberta for the Calgary Stampede. In addition to Mr. Rae’s tour, the Liberal Caucus will be travelling, and has also committed to maintaining a strong presence in Ottawa throughout the summer.

“People have called me ‘Bob the rebuilder’ but this movement is bigger than just one person,” said Mr. Rae. “We need help, ideas, and money from every Canadian that cares about the future of our Party, and of our country. As our Caucus travels the country we will be listening for those ideas and putting them to good use well beyond the barbeque circuit.”

Mr. Rae also drew attention to the success of a recent fundraising campaign which aimed to raise $100,000 to refresh the Liberal website. This campaign raised more than $150,000 from over 1,000 donors in a few short days, and is one of the most successful email fundraising campaigns in Liberal Party history. Mr. Rae said the additional money raised will help ensure that the Liberal Party has the means to introduce the next Liberal Leader to Canadians on its own terms.

“Our supporters are eager to participate in the rebuilding process and our Party will make every effort to capture this enthusiasm,” concluded Mr. Rae. “The future of the Liberal Party is being shaped this summer – and we want as many Canadians as possible to take part.”


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