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Liberal Statement on the 41st Anniversary of Multiculturalism

Liberal Statement on the 41st Anniversary of Multiculturalism

Posted on October 8, 2012

TORONTO– Liberal Multiculturalism critic Jim Karygiannis made the following statement today on the 41st anniversary of Canada’s policy of multiculturalism:

“In a speech to the Ukrainian-Canadian Congress on October 9, 1971, Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau stated, ‘A society which emphasizes uniformity is one which creates intolerance and hate. A society which eulogizes the average citizen is one which breeds mediocrity. What the world should be seeking, and what in Canada we must continue to cherish, are not concepts of uniformity but human values: compassion, love and understanding.’

We must all work to ensure that the objectives set out in the original policy apply to all Canadians. We must encourage every Canadian to become a full participant in Canadian society, including politics.

Canada is a proud multicultural nation that embraces a wide variety of cultures and heritages. Canadians of innumerable backgrounds help to foster this identity and strengthen the fabric of our society. Members of the many Diasporas in Canada have made, and continue to make, significant contributions in a number of areas including sports, business, the arts, medicine and public service.

Canada has attracted, and continues to attract, people from all over the world to its shores. We will continue to work together to build our nation and enhance our international reputation. As the Liberal Multiculturalism critic, I look forward to our ongoing work in building a stronger Canada.”