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Justice & Public Safety

Liberals congratulate police, victims for saving gun registry

Posted on September 22, 2010

The Liberal Party of Canada congratulated police, women’s rights advocates, emergency workers and victims groups after MPs voted to keep the life-saving gun registry tonight.

“Everyone who kept the pressure on the Harper government and Jack Layton’s NDP has helped to save lives by saving the gun registry,” Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said immediately following the vote in the House of Commons.

“The majority of Parliamentarians have spoken for the majority of Canadians who wanted the gun registry maintained, after listening to their constituents, the police, and those concerned about violence against women.

“With this vote behind us, it’s time to move forward and heal the divides that exist between rural and urban, northern and southern Canada to ensure the registry works for all Canadians,” said Mr. Ignatieff.  “It’s also time for Stephen Harper to put this crusade to rest and focus on the issues that really matter to Canadian families: paying for post-secondary education, caring for aging or sick loved ones, and securing their retirement.”

Liberal Public Safety Critic Mark Holland said the entire Liberal caucus sided with police, medical experts, women’s and victims groups in a unanimous display of solidarity.

“Canadians won’t soon forget that Mr. Layton’s first instinct was to choose politics over principle, and to side with Mr. Harper on this issue,” said Mr. Holland. “Now that the gun registry has been saved, we hope Parliament will work together to address the legitimate concerns of law-abiding gun owners while still maintaining the integrity of this public safety tool.”

The Liberal caucus supports making the first-time failure to register a firearm a ticket offence and not a crime, removing all fees, and making the registration process easier.