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Liberals launch “Working Families Tour”

Liberals launch “Working Families Tour”

Posted on February 16, 2011

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff today launched the Liberal Party’s “Working Families Tour” to reach out to hard-pressed families across the country who are worse off after five years of Stephen Harper.

“In every part of Canada, we’ve heard the same message: working families are tired of being ignored by Stephen Harper,” said Mr. Ignatieff. “They don’t see how it helps them to spend billions on tax cuts for large corporations, untendered stealth fighters and U.S.-style mega-prisons.

“Liberals are making a different choice. We’re focused on the future of hard-working, middle-class families. Our job is to put solid ground under the feet of our families: child care and early learning for our kids, high-quality full-time jobs, health care and family care when we need it, and a more secure retirement.”

The Liberal Working Families Tour will start in Winnipeg before heading to St. John’s, Dieppe, Montréal, Toronto, Mississauga and Oakville. On the tour, Mr. Ignatieff and the Liberal team will visit union training and immigration service centres and hold townhalls and roundtables with Canadian families.

The Liberal economic team will also be on the road in the weeks to come, talking with Canadians about the economic choices faced by our families and our country.

“While working families struggle with the cost of child care, tuition, caring for sick loved ones, and saving for retirement, the Harper Conservatives are ignoring them,” said Liberal Labour Critic Maria Minna. “Under Stephen Harper, Canada has become less equal. The rich are getting richer while the middle-class Canadian family’s income is stagnating. The pressures on our families are increasing and the elastic is stretched real tight.

“If Canada is to be successful, working families must have an equal opportunity to succeed. During the Working Families Tour, we will be talking about Liberal policies that will give families a break – instead of giving large corporations another break that they don’t need right now.”

During the tour, the Liberal team will highlight Liberal policies that will help working families:

  • A stronger public pension plan, to help working families save for retirement. Liberals want to strengthen the base Canada Pension Plan by increasing benefits gradually over time, and give families the option to top-up their savings with a new Supplemental CPP.
  • A new youth employment incentive, to help small and medium business put young people to work by eliminating the EI premiums for each new young person they hire.
  • Support for training and learning, so that all Canadians have the skills they need to get full-time, well-paying jobs. For every Canadian, Liberals believe “if you get the grades, you get to go,” to college, university, or skills training.
  • Quality, affordable early learning and childcare to give our kids the head start they need. Liberals will offer working families a real choice when they need to find childcare spaces for their kids.
  • The Liberal Family Care Plan. We will extend the Employment Insurance compassionate leave benefit and create a new tax benefit for working families who care for sick or aging loved ones at home.

“Stephen Harper is ignoring working families,” said Ms. Minna. “How else can we explain their private pension option that enriches banks and insurance companies without strengthening the CPP, their attack on working parents who rely on childcare, or their cuts to youth employment funding?”

“Canadians have a choice: a Conservative government that for five years has led Canada in the wrong direction and will waste billions more on prisons, untendered stealth fighters and corporate tax cuts, or a Liberal government that will shape a better future for our families,” concluded Mr. Ignatieff.

For a copy of the tour itinerary, please see: