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Michael Ignatieff speaks to Quebecers about the choice they face

Posted on April 28, 2011

QUÉBEC CITY – Quebecers face a clear choice in this election – a Liberal government that can replace the Harper Conservatives with an ambitious, realistic program focused on your family’s priorities, or parties with no experience governing and no credible plan, that can only oppose Mr. Harper, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said today.

“The vast majority of Quebecers want to get rid of the Stephen Harper regime because the Conservatives do not represent them, nor do they share their values or priorities,” said Mr. Ignatieff.  “Mr. Harper is choosing to spend billions on fighter jets, jails and corporate tax breaks before helping families – and will have no money left to fund the future of public health care.

“The Liberal Party is the only choice in this election that can replace Mr. Harper with an achievable plan for families: defending public health care, helping Quebec to create more child care spaces, giving every young person $4,000 to help pay for post-secondary education, stronger public pensions, and real help for families caring for their sick loved ones at home,” said Mr. Ignatieff.

Mr. Ignatieff spoke to supporters about the clear choice for Quebecers at a rally in Québec City, where he was joined by the Liberal candidate for Louis-Hébert, Jean Beaupré, and Québec City-area candidates.

“The Bloc has admitted that it is not seeking to govern and the NDP doesn’t have the team or the experience to govern,” said Mr. Ignatieff.  “What Canadians want is a responsible, centrist Liberal alternative that will put families first and bring Canada’s finances back to balance.”

The NDP’s plan contains $70 billion in promises with no credible plan to pay for them.  This week alone, Jack Layton has backed away from all of his environmental promises and his promise to hire more doctors and nurses.  He has backtracked on the cap-and-trade revenues in his platform, and failed to explain how he can find a promised $8.6 billion from tax havens.

“A Liberal government will respect Quebec’s culture and identity, support Quebec’s artists, act to improve gender equality, strengthen the environment, and make you proud of Canada on the world stage again,” said Mr. Ignatieff.

“I will lead a government that practices the federalism of respect, with a plan to support families that does not infringe on provincial jurisdiction.

“Canada is at its best when Quebecers help shape our common future. Now is the time for us to come together and build a society that reflects our best hopes for Canada. Together, we can change things,” concluded Mr. Ignatieff.

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