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Minister of Defence Must Resign Over F-35

Minister of Defence Must Resign Over F-35

Posted on December 7, 2012

TORONTO AND OTTAWA– Liberal Leader Bob Rae made the following statement today on the Conservative government’s reported cancellation of the F-35 contract:

“The termination of this multi-billion dollar contract has fully exposed the Harper Conservatives’ fiscal incompetence and complete mishandling of the F-35 procurement process. They have spent millions of taxpayer dollars promoting a decision to purchase these fighter jets despite being well-aware of the true and colossal costs.

The Liberal Party of Canada is the only party that has asserted consistently from the outset that this acquisition was fundamentally flawed.

It is time that the Conservatives are held accountable for their complete mismanagement of the largest military procurement in Canada’s history. This failure falls squarely on the shoulders of the Minister of Defence whose incompetence is inexcusable. He acted as spokesman-in-chief for Lockheed-Martin for two years, while the Conservatives knowingly misled taxpayers. Canadians have lost all confidence in this Minister and he must resign.”

Liberal National Defence critic John McKay continued:

“The Harper Conservatives have lost all credibility on the replacement of our CF-18s. Confidence in any future military procurement process will not be achieved until this government apologizes to Canadians for their gross misconduct.”



A list of Liberal communications outlining our opposition to the F-35 since June 8, 2010 is available here.