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Statement to Members: New LPC Interim Leader

Statement to Members: New LPC Interim Leader

Posted on May 25, 2011

It is with great pleasure that I announce to you today the selection of Bob Rae as the Interim Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Mr. Rae accepts the position with the full support of the Liberal Caucus and National Board of Directors.

Having dedicated his life to public service, Mr. Rae will lead the Liberal Party as it rebuilds before the next, permanent Leader is chosen.

Canada now, more than ever, needs a strong voice at the centre of Canadian politics, and Mr. Rae will lead the Liberal Party in being that voice.

For you, the membership, this is our first step on an important journey toward reshaping and renewing the Liberal Party to face the challenges ahead.

Soon, we will gather for an extraordinary convention by teleconference June 18 to give our Party a chance to consider and vote on possible constitutional amendments to ensure we have the time we need to rebuild. And we will gather for a biennial convention, to bring the Party together to plot our next steps.

It is during times of challenge and change that true greatness is required of our leaders. Mr. Rae is one such Leader and I know you will join with me in supporting him fully as he takes the reins of this great Party at this critical moment in its history.

Our success over the coming months depends on the engagement and continued commitment of all Liberals, including you.

It also demands that we throw open the doors wide to a new generation of Canadians that will augment our ranks, inspire our vision and rebuild our Party from the ground up in every riding across Canada.

Thank you for your support.

Alfred Apps

President, Liberal Party of Canada