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Your stimulus dollars at work: Conservatives pass off routine maintenance as stimulus

Your stimulus dollars at work: Conservatives pass off routine maintenance as stimulus

Posted on October 20, 2009

Yesterday, Canadians were dismayed to learn that the Conservative government is wasting their tax dollars to erect expensive propaganda signs to take credit for installing “interior door hardware” – or doorknobs – in a federal building.  In another case, a sign was erected to promote the fact that a federal building was replacing its boiler room door.

Across Canada, routine maintenance with little, if any, job creation value is masquerading as stimulus, just so that more expensive, taxpayer funded propaganda signs can go up as partisan advertising for the Conservatives.

Here are just 10 more random examples of Conservative “stimulus” announcements:

1. The removal of floor tiles in a mechanical room in St. Andrews Tower on Wellington Street in Ottawa.

2. The implementation of water conservation measures, the audit of a petroleum tank, and the addition of an exit door at the Fairmount Complex in Vancouver.

3. Repair of electrical panels; bus entrance canopy; and restoration of main lobby lamp in the Confederation Building on Parliament Hill.

4. The elimination of air supply losses within ducts, piping and window seal repair at the Saint John Customs Building.

5. The modification of condensation drain pans in the basement on the Justice Building on Parliament Hill.

6. Installing a humidifier in at federal building in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

7. The insulation of pipes, replacing aging piping, and the repair of stone windowsills and the Léonce Lessard Building in Montreal.

8. The inspection and cleaning of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems at Saint John Postal Station ‘A’.

9. Landing of door at main exit and installation of guard rail at Louis St-Laurent Building in Quebec City.

10. A “chiller overhaul” and  the installation of a “control valve” at the Stanley Knowles Federal Building in Winnipeg.

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