Nominations FAQ

1. How do I become a Candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada?

To begin the process of running to become a Nominated Candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada, read the National Rules for the Selection of Candidates for the Liberal Party of Canada that govern the nomination process, found here. After reading the rules, click here to request a Nomination Candidate Package. After you complete all forms and requests for documents, your Provincial or Territorial Greenlight Committee will review your submission. If approved to be a Qualified Nomination Contestant you will be on the ballot for your riding when the Nomination Meeting is called, subject to the Nomination Rules.

2. Can you provide a sample schedule as to dates for calling a nomination?

For a May 10th Meeting, the minimum notice of a Meeting to all Eligible Voting Members of an EDA would be between 13 and 20 days prior. Notice would be sent out between April 19th and 26th. The “Cut off” date for Eligible Voting Members would then be as early as (for a 20 day notice) April 11th, or as late as April 16th.

3. What are the Elections Canada rules that govern nomination contests?

Elections Canada has clear rules for nomination contests. From Elections Canada’s perspective, a person can be deemed to be a nomination contestant from the moment that the first contribution is accepted or the first campaign expense is incurred. In the eyes of Elections Canada, this may take place BEFORE the actual start of an “official” nomination contest. That means that activity that an individual is carrying out right now may already be subject to the Elections Canada rules. You can learn more about the Elections Canada rules here and we would encourage you to contact Elections Canada directly at 1-800-486-6563 if you have questions about how these rules may apply to you.

4. Why do nomination campaigns need to make a transfer to the Party?

Supporting the nomination process takes a large amount of Party resources. That is why we’re asking nomination candidates to contribute towards party operations in support of their nomination process. Therefore, everyone who wishes to be a Candidate for nomination must transfer $975 from their Nomination Campaign Bank Account to the Party.

5. How do I set up a bank account and send the transfer?

The Nomination Campaign must a) appoint a financial agent; b) open a Nomination Campaign Bank Account (use this form from Elections Canada); c) fundraise at least $1000; and d) transfer $1000 from that account to the “Liberal Party of Canada” through a cheque drawn from the Nomination Campaign Bank Account.

6. Can I use the Liberal Party of Canada logo?

No. According to Rule 4 “No Potential or Qualified Nomination Contestant shall use any current or previous logo or mark of the Party or use any confusingly similar logo or in a manner that suggests any association with the Party.” If you are using the logo, you will be asked to immediately to remove it, if it’s online, or to cease distribution of printed materials that display the logo.

7. What else do I need to send with my package?

In addition to completing the forms you need to provide both a criminal record check and a credit report. The criminal record check can be obtained from your local police department. Credit reports can be obtained through a credit reporting agency such as Equifax ( or TransUnion (

8. What is the deadline to send my package?

Packages will be due on the date fixed by the Provincial or Territorial Campaign Chairs in each individual riding. If you are interested in seeking a nomination, it is recommended that you complete and submit your package as soon as possible.

9. Where do I send my completed forms?

Green Light Committee Chair
Att: National Field
Liberal Party of Canada
350 Albert Street, Suite 920
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6M8

10. Who do I contact if I have issues or questions about my forms?

Contact at the Liberal Party of Canada.