Riding Associations FAQ

1. Who sets the nomination meeting date?

The Provincial or Territorial Co-Chairs decide on the dates for nomination meetings, but EDAs have an important role to play in how soon a meeting can take place in. Before a meeting can be called, your EDAs must:

  • Be registered with Elections Canada;
  • Have resolved all redistribution responsibilities, including assets/liabilities transfers among affected joining EDAs, to the satisfaction of the National Director;
  • Have conducted a thorough Candidate search process including documented evidence of a thorough search for potential candidates who are female and who are reflective of the demographic and linguistic makeup of the local electorate;
  • Have met any thresholds that may be relating to EDA membership, fundraising and organization as determined by the Provincial or Territorial Co-Chairs; and
  • Have one or more Qualified Nomination Contestants.

2. What is the Candidate search process?

A thorough candidate search will ensure that the Liberal Party of Canada has a robust and high-caliber group of Nomination Contestants in all 338 ridings across Canada. Before a Nomination Meeting can be held, EDAs will need to show their Provincial or Territorial Co-Chairs documented evidence of a thorough search for potential candidates, specifically female candidates, and candidates who reflect the demographic and linguistic makeup of the EDA’s electorate. EDAs should complete the EDA Candidate Search Committee Report and send it to nominations@liberal.ca.

3. What are the thresholds that must be met by the EDA before our meeting can be called? Who will notify us?

There will be a set of requirements placed on each EDA, which must be met before a Call of a Meeting can occur. This can include:

  • Membership numbers
  • Fundraising (specific minimums on back balances, and Victory Fund and/or Laurier Club members)
  • Organization (individuals trained on Liberalist, election readiness, etc.)

4. A potential candidate has contacted the EDA about seeking the nomination. What do we do?

Excellent news! You can direct them to the Open Nominations page. They’ll be required to fill out a form, which will directly alert their PTA Co-Chairs that they are seeking the nomination. They will then be sent the required documents to apply to become a registered Nomination Contestant. If they have inquiries, they may contact nominations@liberal.ca.

5. A potential candidate has requested a membership list from the EDA. Is this possible?

The list of people who are entitled to receive the list of Members is covered in the National Membership Rules, Section 3.1. Unfortunately, only Qualified Nomination Candidates who have successfully completed the green light process are entitled to the data, not Potential Nomination Candidates.

6. An EDA Executive Member of has said they want to run as a Candidate. Is this allowed?

Of course! However, be aware that some PTA Constitutions require EDA Executive Members to resign or take a leave of absence as a member of the EDA Executive if they indicate their intent to seek the nomination as a candidate of the EDA.

7. Does a donation to a Nomination Contestant qualify for a tax receipt? And does it count towards an individual’s annual donation limit?

Donations to Nomination Contestant’s campaigns do not qualify for tax receipts. When an individual makes a contribution towards a Nomination Candidate’s campaign, it counts towards their annual donation limit ($1500) for their Electoral District Association.

8. Will the EDA President be notified when contestants become qualified?

Yes. Once a contestant becomes qualified, EDA Presidents will be notified, as contestants will have access to membership data through Liberalist and can start communicating with the Membership. The names of Potential Nomination Contestants who have requested forms will not be shared.