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Protecting our environment & finding energy solutions

Our environment is part of our identity.

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee… The many references to land in our national anthem speak to our Canadian identity as much as the water and air we must protect for future generations of Canadians.

Canada’s environment is suffering.

In less than a decade, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have undone 50 years of environmental protection in Canada. They have muzzled government scientists, bullied environmental groups, and hijacked international progress in the fight against climate change.

Canada’s energy policy should meet our needs and be innovative and sustainable while respecting our environment and our communities.

Liberals stand for a clean environment.

The Liberal Party of Canada believes that environment and energy solutions are inter-connected. That’s why we are committed to building a clean energy economy.


This statement is inspired by policy resolutions submitted and voted on by Party members.
2012 Resolution References: MB-32, MB-33, AB-44, BC-51, YK-57, QC-SK-99, QC-101

We’re building the Canada that lives up to its full potential

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