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Open and fair Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

We will conduct a significant overhaul of Canada Revenue Agency operating practices to make it more fair, user-friendly, and proactive in providing services to Canadians.

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We will introduce a significant overhaul of CRA operating practices to develop a client relationship rather than that of simply a taxpayer.

Elements include:

  • proactively contacting Canadians when they are entitled to, but are not, receiving tax benefits;
  • offering to create returns for clients, particularly lower income Canadians and those on fixed incomes whose situations are unchanged year to year;
  • supporting more Canadians who want to file taxes with no paper forms;
  • ensuring CRA correspondence is user-friendly;
  • combating international tax evasion;
  • and ending the CRA political harassment of charities, as well as clarifying rules to affirm the important role that charities can and should play in developing and advocating for public policy in Canada.