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Liberals will make better choices and manage the economy responsibly

The Economy: Better Choices, New Directions

Your Money, Your Choices

Liberal Priorities

Family Care: support for those
caring for sick loved ones at home:
$1 billion
Learning Passport: direct financial
support to families for higher education:
$1 billion
Secure Retirement Option,
to help Canadians save
Green Renovation Tax Credit:
$400 million

Conservative Priorities

Tax cuts for the largest corporations:
$5-6 billion per year
Stealth fighter jets:
$30 billion
U.S.-style mega-prisons:
$10-13 billion
Wasteful G8/G20 summit:
$1 billion
Liberals believe Canada’s middle-class
families are the bedrock of our economy.
Their concerns must drive economic policy.

Liberals are offering a very different approach to the economy:

  • We are standing with Canadian families as they struggle with financial pressures;
  • We have a prudent plan to tackle the Conservative deficit and return to sound management of public spending;
  • We’ll cancel tax cuts for large corporations that already enjoy low rates compared to other countries; and
  • We’ll prepare for the jobs of tomorrow by providing leadership on innovation, learning, and Canada’s place in the global economy.
On May 2nd you have a chance to shape Canada's future. Commit to vote for Better Economic Choices

Where We Are Today

Under the last Liberal government, Canada had a healthy budget surplus.
We were paying down debt and reducing taxes.

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Balanced, Progressive, Responsible Fiscal Policy

The Liberal approach to fiscal responsibility has 3 pillars:

  • Deficit Reduction
  • Competitive and Affordable Tax Rates
  • Spending Discipline

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Innovation for the Jobs of Today and Tomorrow

The global economy of the 21st century is being shaped by rising economic powers such as China and India, transformative new digital and internet technologies, and whole new economic sectors.

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