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What’s your wish for Canada?

Be part of the 5,000

UPDATE, 8AM DEC 13: Your generous contributions continue to pore in. Thank you. But we haven’t yet reached our goal of 5,000. Help us close the gap!

Before the clock strikes midnight, December 12, we need 5,000 donors to make a wish for Canada and add it to a holiday card we’re sharing with every official 2013 LPC Leadership candidate. Donate what you can — and be part of the 5,000!

How to add your wish (optional)

As you donate, tell us your wish for Canada in the “Notes” field (ie. #mywishforcanada is …). Please note: if you share a wish, upon submission, your wish, name and hometown may be displayed publicly on our website, in emails and in printed materials.

Why your support matters

Next year is a big year. Let’s make sure our new Leader inherits a strong, united and grassroots-powered organization. A Party with the resources it needs to introduce our new Leader to Canadians on our terms and win the next federal election.

Something special for you

We sincerely appreciate your support. That’s why, if you share a wish for Canada, you’ll get Bob Rae’s family holiday card in the mail.

Your wishes for Canada

My wish for Canada is that we citizens may be represented by a government that respects each one of us, honours our environment and natural resources and guides us into a future of economic stability based on the best knowledge available to it. – Jane Latimer, Kingston, ON

#mywishforcanada is integrity and transparency in leadership (which is currently lacking) and MANDATORY labeling of all products containing genetically modified ingredients.- Sarah Nash, Oakville, ON

My wishes for Canada: – a House of Commons where policy is paramount as opposed to pomposity and vitriol – a commitment to having running water on every reserve (even if that means a few less jets for the military) – Dave West, Winnipeg, MB

Thank you for sharing! Please donate and then read more wishes on the homepage!

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